Partners and Alliances

Collaboration for Advancing
NoC and EPU Technologies

Sonics partners with a wide range of semiconductor technology innovators to help drive the global progression of advanced system-level design, while keeping pace with the ever-changing market demands for designing complex next-generation SoCs.


Sonics works with Andes customers to provide on-chip network and memory subsystems for SoCs that use Andes’ CPUs.


Sonics collaboration with Arasan helps speed the integration of Arasan’s I/O interface cores including MIPI-LLI and UFS for mobile SoC platforms.


Sonics works with ARM to ensure Sonics on-chip networks support AMBA interfaces for ARMs advanced cores. Sonics reviews AMBA specifications.


Sonics is an Atrenta Spyglass partner. SpyGlass provides customers with detailed information about their design to ensure high quality RTL.


Sonics works with Cadence on both IP and EDA design flows. This includes support of Cadence’s library of IP cores for integration with Sonics on-chip networks.


Sonics works with Carbon products to enable customers to leverage Carbon’s unified virtual prototype capabilities, using Sonics System IP solutions.


Sonics partners with Duolog to simplify adoption of IP-XACT based design flows.

Sonics partners with GLOBALFOUNDRIES to provide the industry’s first EPU, a power control subsystem that aggregates clock and power gating, DVFS, and body biasing for FDX.


Sonics works with IPextreme customers to provide on-chip network and memory subsystems for integration with IP extremes line of IP cores.


Sonics works with Magillem on IP-XACT support for Sonics products. IP-XACT improves productivity by creating a common SoC development language.


The Questa Vanguard Program (QVP) extends Mentor Graphics breadth of design and verification technologies through partnerships with industry-leading companies. QVP partners provide verification related tools and methods, verification IP, conversion services, training and consulting based on Mentor Graphics industry leading Questa verification platform. The program was established to bring design and verification engineers world-class product integrations and interoperability to enhance their Questa verification options and build a strong and comprehensive SystemVerilog ecosystem.

 Sonics works with Moortec to provide temperature-compensated DVFS capability for SoC and MCU designers.


Sonics works with Northwest Logic for high throughput memory subsystem solutions.


Sonics broad ranging partnership with Synopsys includes both IP and verification products.


Sonics, an early partner in TSMC Open Innovation Platform for soft IP, ensures that Sonics IP is pre-qualified on Reference Flow 12.

Industry Association Memberships