NoC Patent Litigation

Sonics files suit against Arteris for infringing seven Sonics patents

Fact: Sonics is suing Arteris and Arteris is actively involved as defendant in the legal case brought by Sonics against Arteris in November 2011. The case was filed in the United States District Court, Northern District of California. The judge has allowed the case to be put on hold (stayed) until the patent re-examinations are completed. EE Times coverage of the original filing of the lawsuit can be found here.

Fact: Both Sonics and Arteris must provide information to the judge in a Joint Status Report every 6 months. The most recent report was filed on August 8, 2016. The report is signed by the lawyers of both companies.

Fact: With the past and continued sale of its NoC products in the market place, Sonics asserts that Arteris continues to infringe upon Sonics’ patents.

Arteris’ suit against Sonics for infringing two Arteris patents dismissed by the court

Fact: Arteris brought a legal case against Sonics in January 2012. The case has been dismissed by the court and since the Arteris patents are now owned by Qualcomm, Qualcomm entered into a covenant not to sue. See Sonics Announces Patent Non-Assert Agreement with Qualcomm July 2014. This agreement has no effect on Sonics’ case against Arteris which is still being litigated.

Arteris attempts to use the US Patent and Trademark Office (US Patent Office) to re-examine the patents asserted by Sonics against Arteris

Fact: Arteris attempted, but failed, to put all seven of the Sonics patents named in Sonics lawsuit against Arteris into re-examination with the US Patent Office. Sonics Patent No. 6,182,183 in its entire and original form overcame the challenge by Arteris in the Patent Office.

Fact: Those patents that are subject to re-examination are still in process at the US Patent Office.

Fact: The US Patent Office maintains statistics about outcomes of re-examination proceedings. By all measures, Sonics’ patents are performing far better than the averages.