ICE-Grain EPU for Beginners

Even Beginner Optimizers Save More Power

You don’t have to be a power guru to benefit from EPUs. Designers using ICE-Grain EPUs for the very first time can leverage the most sophisticated power optimization techniques built into the product. Sonics’ EPU Studio makes designers immediately productive processing power with advanced savings techniques previously available only to experts.


EPU Studio


  • Aggregation of savings techniques, abstraction of power control, and automation of EPU RTL and UPF generation enable short learning curve with maximum power savings.
  • Task-based organization streamlines design process.
  • Push-button and automatic error checking ensure legal designs.
  • Table-based data entry supports familiar spreadsheet-style editing with rich sorting and filtering.
  • User-defined cluster state machines define system power states controlling multiple power grains and produce diagrams in the GUI for instant comprehension or documentation.
  • Automatically generated RTL, UPF, verification testbench, logic synthesis, and IP-XACT views ensure correctness and simplify adoption.

Download the ICE-Grain Family Product Brief