ICE-Grain EPU for Experts

Even Expert Optimizers Save More Power

Sonics’ energy processing units and automated methodology enable the most sophisticated power management engineers to extract significantly more savings from their chips.



  • Aggregation of savings techniques, abstraction of power control, and automation of EPU RTL and UPF generation enable scaling to finer grained power partitioning, while accelerating schedules.
  • Autonomous, hardware-based EPU identifies, sequences, and controls power state transitions up to 500X faster than conventional CPU-based approaches.
  • Distributed power grain controllers enable parallel operation and deliver deterministic responsiveness to guarantee real-time deadlines.
  • Reprogrammable architecture supports optimization to varying operating modes.
  • Internal monitors enable observation-driven adaptation to the end system.
  • Flexible controllers adapt to customer-defined clocking, reset, isolation, retention and power gating approaches.

Download the ICE-Grain Family Product Brief