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Inrush Currents Tamed – Part 3

May 29, 2018 | Greg Ehmann
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NoC Reliability: Simplified

There are four primary failure modes associated with NoCs. Recently, the reliability features of on-chip network (NoC) IP have received much attention. One reason for this focus has been the rush of companies to get into the automotive electronics market and the explosion of new automotive features being implemented in electronic systems. While the details may vary, the high-level view of on-chip network reliability is really quite simple. Continue reading “NoC Reliability: Simplified”

Sonics In the News: 2014 in Review

The past year was a renaissance for Sonics in the public eye. With a high volume of company announcements, product launches, customer wins, and partner initiatives, the company generated a steady stream of positive news and points of view from both business and technology perspectives.

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Earlier this month I had the distinct pleasure of attending the EDA Consortium’s (EDAC) prestigious Phil Kaufman award dinner. This year’s winner is Lucio Lanza, managing director of Lanza techVentures, LLC. Lucio is an EDA industry legend. We used to bump into each other often in the Cadence hallways after both of our companies had been acquired by Cadence around 1989. I truly appreciated Lucio’s leadership style with the Artisan board of directors when I was Vice President of Corporate Ventures there. Lucio’s strategic insights and steady pressure to keep us focused on the critical items were a major factor in Artisan’s success.

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OCP: The Journey Continues

Accellera Systems Initiative has released the tutorial “OCP: The Journey Continues” from the 2014 Design and Verification Conference. Now available online, the five-part tutorial presents the past, present and future of the Open Core Protocol IP interface socket standard, which was transferred to Accellera in 2013. The tutorial provides a basic introduction and then discusses a variety of topics crucial to the use of OCP in SoC designs: verification IP support, TLM 2.0 SystemC support and IP-XACT support. Presenters include Herve Alexanian of Sonics, Steve McMaster of Synopsys, Prashant Karandikar of Texas Instruments and me.

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Is IC Design Methodology at the Breaking Point

On Semiconductor Engineering, Randy Smith discusses the mounting evidence that traditional “waterfall” methods used to develop complex ICs are reaching the breaking point and discusses Agile software development methods to see what can be applied.

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IP Integration: Sonics’ Reason for Being

IP integration is central to Sonics’ on-chip network business and technology strategies. We founded our company in 1996 based on the promise of IP integration to address the increasing silicon real estate afforded by Moore’s Law. Our company name, Sonics, is an acronym for Systems On ICs. For nearly two decades, Sonics has been a champion for IP integration technologies and methodologies that serve the performance and productivity needs of SoC designers. We’ve partnered with the industry’s top semiconductor and systems companies to turn the promise of IP integration into SoC reality.

So what have we learned about the importance and effectiveness of IP integration during our journey?

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IoT Requires Hardware and Software Developers to Collaborate, Think Like System Engineers

I arrived at the Multicore Developers Conference co-located with the Internet of Things (IoT) Developers Conference in the Hyatt Santa Clara with high hopes of hearing some new and exciting ideas. My skeptical mind was telling me that I would probably hear old information simply recycled for a new audience and market place. After all, aren’t multicore and IoT basically comprised of the same companies and technologies that were called the embedded industry just a few years ago? Has anything really changed other than the name?

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A Tale of Two Batteries

Have you ever experienced mobile phone or laptop battery anxiety? You know, the fear of power running out during a critical business call or presentation. It happens more often than you think.

The battery in my two-year-old cell phone has been getting weaker and I’ve had to start re-charging it in the middle of the day. I found my battery anxiety level rising, so I journeyed over to Fry’s to find a new one. Well they didn’t have the OEM battery in stock. But, right next to that empty slot on the rack was a third-party aftermarket battery claiming to be the same model as the OEM battery. It had the same part and model number printed on it just like the one that came in my phone. Heck, it was even made in China just like the original!

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